Water Shortage Warnings in England While Mexico Triples Oil Well Drilling

Welcome to Climate Disconnect

It seems almost weekly there is new scientific research documenting the harm we are doing to planet Earth. At the same time, the corporate sector ignores these warnings and continues on with business as usual. There is a huge gap between what we know about the risks to our climate ... and what we are doing about it.  This blog highlights the news stories that demonstrate how enormous that disconnect really is.  

Screen Shot from the GuardianThe idea came from seeing this pair of headlines in the Guardian, one above the other, and realizing just how often these kinds of news events were occurring simultaneously these days. It's as if we're living in parallel universes. In one, climate scientists warn us of the catastrophic dangers ahead, their alarm growing with each new study. In the other, every new fossil fuel discovery is applauded by governments and industry.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking.



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